we love J.S

If February be the month of Love, we all love John Soame.

I was lucky enough to see two of my favourite Architects lecture this month.

Firstly Jonathan Hill, who spoke about his new book 'Weather Architecture'. Focusing for a while upon the building or better 'piecing together' of the John Soame Museum, by the artist himself, as he battled to block out the cronically smoggy Georgian London 'weather'. Afterwards I got so nervous about asking a question that my bag broke and spilled out onto the floor...

Secondly Adam Caruso ( Caruso St John) spoke at Dulwich Picture Gallery. The building itself was coincidentally (probably not!) designed by John Soame. Caruso Saint John are currently working with the John Soame Museum, on the refurbishment and restoration of some annexes and Caruso spoke of this amongst other projects ( including Swan yard - pictured below). Afterwards we chatted, I split coffee on him. My attempts at talking to people I admire should probably end here.

I enjoy serendipity. and so did John Soame ( well... this month he did)

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