Faces by Sara Rosenblum

I met Sara when we interned on the Art Station project together. I just found her beautiful work. http://sararosenblum.com/

His face. His truck


Nick Cave (not that one)

New favourite artist. So good that he got two shows at once! Showing at the Mary Boone Gallery and Jack Shainman Gallery, Chelsea the until October 22nd

Breakfast Martinis//Dreamy Nailzz

blue my mind

Art Station

The last week I Interned at a pop - up art show in a gas station in Chelsea, Ny. It involved hanging out in a bodega for a week, which was one of the most surreal (but best snack) experiences of my life.

The show runs from Thurs 15/09 to 23/09. It showcases Brooklyn based artists, in the centre of the NY gallery world in quite an unexpected way. The first of many, the 'art station' project is run by Beth Fiore and Rachel Stekson as part of an initiative to help raise money for an artist resource centre in Brooklyn.
more info at www.ArtStationNYC.com

art in american and art critical describe it better than me...



as do the photos of the opening courtesy of Sara Rosenblum




Mr Tom Vek, I couldn't decide if this video makes me want to smoke or be sick.

Either way my beautiful friend Joseph appears (00:54) *proud parent* ( even if it did involve chain smoking 50 cigs before lunch)